Self-Care Workshops

Puzzle Peace Self-Care offers customized workshops to assist organizations who want to support health and wellness within their organization. By reviewing and introducing practical and effective self-care skills participants can learn how to integrate self-care strategies into their daily lives. Workshops can range anywhere from a brief half day up to a more thorough five day intensive workshop. Participants will be introduced to everything from practical breathing techniques to restorative  meditations to a wide range of topics such as sleep hygiene, mindful eating and dealing with emotional struggles. Our program is designed to build resilience for optimal physical and mental health. Each workshop will be tailored to meet the unique environment of each group. 

Please call, email or fill out the form below to discuss the individual needs of your organization so that we can provide you with a price quotation. Prices are contingent on the number of participants, the venue, the number of hours of instruction and the the type pf platform (in-person or online).

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